UTPA Cheerleading Squad win top honors at national competition
By Brig Lopez III, Informational Writer II
Posted: 02/14/2000
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EDINBURG – For the first time in recent memory, The University of Texas-Pan American cheerleading squad has qualified for a national competition, the 2000 Cheerleading & Dance Team Championship, held Jan. 6-9 at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Fla.

“They’ve been working hard and deserve to go,” said Charlie Caceres, UTPA campus activities coordinator. “This is a chance to showcase the University.”

The UTPA cheerleaders are ranked fifth in the nation in Division I, small coed category – teams with three or fewer male cheerleaders.

“I think the University is capable of bringing a national title home,” said Veronica “Betty” Gonzales, co-head cheerleader. “ I am so proud of our team this year.”

According to Caceres, team members must raise $10,000 by Dec. 17 to attend this prestigious competition.

People who donate to the 15-member team will receive a poster as a thank-you, said Caceres.

“People have been very kind to us and we want to make sure to give something in return, so we’re developing a poster that we plan to give to our supporters,” said Caceres.

For more information, contact Caceres at 956/381-2648.