What's in a name? Campus buildings receive new monikers
Posted: 01/16/2013
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Students, faculty and staff at The University of Texas-Pan American may have noticed several buildings on campus with new identities. The name changes are part of the University's efforts to make finding one's way around campus easier.

Major changes to the campus map include:

• The Communication Arts and Sciences (COAS) Building is now called the Arts & Humanities (ARHU) Building;

• The Cafeteria (UCCF) is now called the Bronc Dining Hall (BDIN);

• The ADMN is now known as MASS to mark the Maryalice Shary-Shivers Building;

• The UCTR is now University Center; and

• The SCIE is now referred to as SCNE for the Science Building.

UTPA Physical Plant staff have been installing signs outside buildings and parking lots to identify them more prominently. An updated campus map has been posted on the University's website and physical maps are being installed throughout campus.

Click here to review the updated campus map.