Don't forget to register for classes!
Posted: 04/23/2012
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The end of the Spring 2012 semester at The University of Texas-Pan American is just weeks away and students are looking forward to a reprieve before returning to class.

But to make sure they have classes to return to, they need to register before those courses fill up or are taken off the schedule.

Registration for the Summer I, Summer II and Fall semesters began earlier this month, but fewer returning students have signed up for classes so far than they did in previous semesters, said Registrar Jeff Rhodes.

"A lot of students wait until the last minute to register," Rhodes said, adding that the more students procrastinate, the more likely they will not be able to sign up for classes they need to graduate. "That's why we encourage them to register early."

The deadline to register for classes are:

• June 5 for Summer I (classes start June 4);

• July 12 for Summer II (classes start July 11); and

• Aug. 30 for Fall (classes start Aug. 27).

Payment for classes is not due at the time of registration. Contact the Office of the Comptroller's Payments and Collections office at (956) 665-2715 to find out when payment is due.

The University implemented a new program this semester, DegreeWorks, to make registering for classes easier for students. DegreeWorks helps students keep better track of their degree plans and register for the classes they need so they don't end up taking more credits than required to graduate, and can finish school in a timely manner.

So far those students who have registered for classes like using DegreeWorks, but still many more students have not yet enrolled for classes for the summer and fall sessions, Rhodes said.

"If you register early, you're more likely to graduate on time," he said.

For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar at (956) 665-2481.