Broncs learn to steer in the right direction with choices they make
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Posted: 03/09/2012
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Edgar Trevino, a junior majoring in business administration at UTPA, tests his driving skills while distracted during the UNITE Arrive Alive Tour that was on campus March 5, 2012.

Michael Miller, a senior mechanical engineering major at The University of Texas-Pan American, had the opportunity to learn about the perils of drunk driving as he operated a simulator on campus March 5.

"I wanted to see what I'd do if I was intoxicated. It was interesting. It shows how you oversteer, how fast you would go and how your reflexes are slower when you are intoxicated," said Miller, who was given a "ticket" for DWI afterward by the simulator's operator. "They said it would be on my permanent record for a long time ... and talked about the costs. I don't have any money to do any of that."

The simulator, brought in by UNITE's Arrive Alive Tour, was one of several activities available to students throughout the week to encourage them to make wise decisions during Spring Break March 12-16.

UTPA received a grant from State Farm Insurance to teach students about safe driving habits.

The University's Student Life and Transitional Services partnered with other University departments to bring UNITE, as well as the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the Texas Department of Transportation to inform students about how the decisions they make -- such as texting while driving or having unprotected sex -- have lasting consequences.