UTPA Children's Theatre Production presents "From My Imagination to Yours"
Posted: 11/23/2010
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"From My Imagination to Yours" is a play for children (though actually for all of us). It is an homage to imagination. We can all connect to this theme: do not stop believing.

Young Kyle (played by Andrew Adams) is coming to terms with the fact that his grandfather is dying.

Before his death Tyler (the grandfather, played by UTPA student Pedro Llamas) tells Kyle about a magical world in his imagination that he used to visit as a child. Kyle visits this world and finds the imaginary friends (played by community children Danya Selber, Victoria Lara, Kristen Le Grice, and Daniel David Navarro) that his grandfather used to play with, but Kyle also discovers the world is dying without the imagination of a child to keep it alive. Kyle reignites life in the world, but finds that Oscar (played by UTPA student Daniel Lopez) - his grandfather's closest imaginary friend - is still dying. Kyle and Oscar return to reality together so that Tyler can see his old friend one last time. The story ends with Kyle meeting his own imaginary friend Jaime (played by 5th grader Justin Sanchez).

The story is about how sometimes we ignore - or are told to ignore - the imaginative forces within us. However, there is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to dream your wildest dreams. This is one of the main factors that makes us human.

Child and college student actors will perform the 17 roles in the play. Written by Xavier Aguilar in UTPA's Children's Theatre Theory class, From My Imagination to Yours is a brief but wonderfully creative and interactive experience. The play runs December 2-4, 7 p.m., and Dec. 5 at 2 p.m. at the Albert L. Jeffers Theatre in the Communication Arts and Sciences Building on the corner of University Drive and Sugar Road.

For additional information or to receive a season brochure, call the University Theatre Box Office at (956) 665-3581.