Math department seeks donors to help save professor's life
Posted: 11/23/2009
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The University of Texas-Pan American Department of Mathematics and College of Science and Engineering is asking for help from the UTPA community and public to help save the life of Dr. Vladimir Varlamov, associate professor in math, who was diagnosed with bone cancer in May 2009.

- Dr. Vladimir Varlamov

In the hopes of helping their friend and colleague, staff and faculty in the department and college are seeking white blood cell donors willing to travel to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to assist Varlamov, who is currently undergoing radiation treatments at the center, whose body developed an infection and because of the radiation treatments his body is unable to fight the infection.

"His cells are not producing as fast due to the radiation, therefore, the request is to see if anyone would like to donate white blood cells," said Gloria Gilpatrick, administrative associate, College of Science and Engineering. "Unfortunately, this process cannot be done locally, it needs to be done at M.D. Anderson in Houston. So if anyone is traveling or has family members that would like to donate for this cause please contact M.D. Anderson."

Varlamov is in urgent need of donors for white blood cell transfusions to help him fight the infection said Dr. Lokenath Debnath, chair of the UTPA Department of Mathematics, who is asking the community to lend a helping hand to save his colleague's life.

"He is extremely active and productive in terms of teaching, research and service and he is one of the top in the department and the college," said Debnath of Varlamov, who has been with UTPA since September 2002.

At UTPA Varlamov, who is originally from Russia, teaches graduate math courses. He earned his Doctor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Wroclaw in Poland and his Ph.D. and Master of Science in applied mathematics from Moscow State Lomonosov University.

To be a donor, blood type compatibility is not a requirement. Eligible donors can be of any blood type.

If interested in becoming a donor, contact the M.D. Anderson Blood Bank at 713/792-7777 and request an appointment to be screened for white blood cells for Dr. Vladimir Varlamov. For more details about the donation, contact Virgil Reddy from the M.D. Anderson Blood Bank at 713/404-2572 (beeper number).

For further information, call Tess Acevedo at the UTPA Department of Mathematics, at 956/381-3451.