Entrepreneurship series audience learns about Monterrey International City of Knowledge
Posted: 04/21/2009
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The University of Texas-Pan American E-Cluster in the College of Business Administration welcomed Ing. Eduardo Bosque, director of Planning at the Monterrey International City of Knowledge (MTYCIC), April 15 as the third speaker in the college's Second Annual Entrepreneurship Speaker Series.

The MTYCIC project is a flagship initiative of the current governor of Nuevo Leon, Mexico to engage private businesses, education and government in coordinated economic development initiatives focused on increasing investment in science and technology and to create and grow knowledge-based businesses. The MTYCIC has chosen to focus on five areas in particular: biotechnology, mechantronics, information technology, health and nanotechnology.

Administrators and faculty members from UTPA and STC welcomed Ing. Eduardo Bosque, director of Planning, Monterrey International City of Knowledge, to the UTPA campus April 15 as a speaker at the University's Entrepreneurship Speaker Series. Pictured left to right are Mario Reyna, dean, STC Division of Business and Technology; Dr. John Sargent, professor of International Business and Entrepreneurship, UTPA Department of Management, Marketing and International Business; Bosque; Dr. Wendy Lawrence-Fowler, UTPA vice provost for Research and Sponsored Projects; and Dr. Teofilo Ozuna, dean, UTPA College of Business Administration. (Photo courtesy of Ed Martinez, COBA)
Before speaking to faculty and students at the presentation, Bosque gave an overview of the initiative at an afternoon merienda to administrators and faculty in the UTPA College of Business Administration and South Texas College and local government and economic development officials.

Bosque said the initiative's Vision 2030 goals are to improve the quality of life by improving the quality of employment and increasing family per capita income, positioning Nuevo Leon as one of the world's most competitive economic development locations, consolidating a world class education, research and innovation system and increasing public awareness of the importance of education, research and development and innovation in residents' daily lives.

"We want to transform Nuevo Leon into a city that can compete globally with entrepreneurs that share with the market great, new products value-added with innovation and technology. We want to be one of the 25 top market cities in the world," Bosque said.

Bosque said in this initiative the government has served as a facilitator between academia and business by giving them the tools to foster this union. The initiative's strategies have emphasized the promotion of a culture of knowledge, supportive legislation, infrastructure and resources, the provision of critical processes such as promoting foreign investment and improved patent processes and fostering organization and governance by citizen councils and collaborative clusters.

"Universities in Monterrey have been incentivized to engage in this initiative and have adopted policies supporting its vision 2030 goals including a required entrepreneurship class for all students regardless of major, the establishment of formal technology transfer programs and the establishment of research centers at the new MTYCIC Research and Technology Innovation Park ," said Dr. John Sargent, professor of International Business and Entrepreneurship in UTPA's Department of Management, Marketing and International Business.

A more than $100 million dollar investment by the state of Nuevo Leon, the 172-acre MTYCIC Research and Technology Innovation Park is the first research/innovation park in Mexico. The University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M and the University of Arizona all have active collaboration with three Monterrey universities under the MTYCIC umbrella. The park will also include upon completion nine public research and development centers, 15 private technology and research and development centers such as ones from Motorola and PepsiCo for example, two business incubators and other support services such as a hotel, restaurants, and conference rooms.

"MTYCIC is the most ambitious effort in all of Latin America to create a regional innovation system based on advanced technology and the creation of high-tech, entrepreneurial ventures. We hope through this visit to explore ways our community can more fully engage with the MTYCIC initiative," Sargent said.

Edinburg Mayor-Elect Richard Garcia, who met with Bosque, said he thinks regionally when it comes to economic development.

"Regionally to me means as far south as Monterrey. When we've been able to get businesses to consider having satellite operations in our city and country, it has increased not only our tax base, but sales tax income to the city. We need to continue to cultivate relationships with Mexico and Mexican businesses on a regular basis and at a higher level," Garcia said.

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