Dec. 3 festival to focus on the arts
Posted: 12/01/2008
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Art, music, culture and the environment will be the focus of a festival hosted by EROS, a student organization at The University of Texas-Pan American, Wednesday, Dec. 3, 1-10 p.m. at the Quad.

The mission of EROS for almost a year has been to promote music, art and culture at UTPA, and provide exposure of the different artistic and creative talents among the student community. Through Student EMAC (EROS Music, Art, Culture) 08 the student organization wants to integrate all specialty areas available and combine them to create big opportunities of exposure for all the talent involved in the project.

To promote art, UTPA students from the Department of Art will present an exhibition at the event, which includes paintings, sculptures, photography and graphic designs. There will also be an opportunity to buy some of the art displayed during EMAC 08.

"It's an event where you will find art, a lot of messages, and an exchange of ideas," said Alberto Gomez, Student EMAC 08 organizer.

Musical groups like NTN, McKane, CYRIA, Isa (eros), and others will showcase their musical talents in a live concert from 5-10 p.m. at the UTPA Quad. Eduardo Rossel, an international DJ, will also perform at the concert.

Because Student EMAC 08 is also about creating environmental awareness among the community, the City of Edinburg Recycling Center will be participating in the event and other "green" organizations, such as the Green Peace organization at UTPA, which will be distributing information on how to preserve the environment. Workshops will also be taking place during the event to show attendees how to recycle different materials and become more conscious of the importance of taking care of the natural environment.

In keeping with the "green" theme, EROS will be using recycled paper for all their print promotion.

The event is open to the public. Other organizations participating in the festival include Mas music 90.9, Printing Solutions Co., Hermes Music, Ducati, Room Clothing, Wal-Mart on Trenton and McColl, and others.

For more information, call 956/655-8370 or visit