UTPA now able to receive high school transcripts electronically
Contact: Lori Ann Prado, Intern 292-7311
Posted: 06/05/2008
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The University of Texas-Pan American Division of Enrollment and Student Services has announced the ability to receive high school transcripts electronically with help from the National Transcript Center. UTPA is the only higher education institution in the Rio Grande Valley to have such capability.

"We are one of the first universities in Texas to do this and we've been testing for about a year now... this is something we've been wanting for a very, very long time for schools across the state," said Dr. Maggie Hinojosa, associate vice president and dean of admissions and enrollment services.

Although this is not a new innovation, Hinojosa said that this service available to all Texas high schools offers many advantages for the University, high schools and students. It is cost effective on schools sending transcripts by saving on the amount of printed paper, postage and envelopes. Through this electronic process, students would have the ability to send transcripts to multiple universities and colleges throughout the state. UTPA has already received electronic transcripts from San Antonio and is now testing with Sharyland High School. "There are many benefits to receiving the transcript electronically. We don't have to worry about the transcript being lost in the mail, and time is an important factor as well," Hinojosa said. "Once a transcript has been electronically sent, UTPA will receive it within 24 hours."

Texas public colleges and universities are able to receive the transcripts by using The Texas Records Exchange (TREx) system, a Web-based software application. High schools wanting to send electronic transcripts or those who are interested in Texas colleges and universities, who are ready to receive electronic transcripts, must refer to The University of Texas (UT) SPEEDE server at For more information regarding electronic transcripts, contact Rudy YbaƱez at 956/316-7121, or visit the TREx Web site at