Register for mini-term and summer sessions today
Contact: Office of University Relations 956/381-2741
Posted: 04/14/2008
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Earn three semester credits in three weeks at The University of Texas-Pan American during its mini-term, offered May 12-30.

Registration for the mini-term as well as summer sessions I and II is underway at the University. The admission application deadline for the mini-term for those not currently enrolled at the University is Wednesday, May 7. The final day to enroll in mini-term courses and pay is Friday, May 9.

A mini-term at UTPA offers students the equivalent amount of material and credit in a shortened, more concentrated period of instruction compared to the standard college semester of 16 weeks.

"Students we surveyed in the past have been really excited to get three semester credits out of the way in a very short period of time," Dennis McMillan, associate vice president for Enrollment and Student Services, said.

Anyone interested in mini-term classes must have passed all sections of the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) exam or be TSI exempt. TSI requires minimum test scores in writing, reading and math skills. In addition, students cannot be on academic probation, and they must be classified as freshmen or higher. The mini-term is not available for high school students enrolled concurrently.

McMillan said during the mini-term, which started in 2004, students will only be allowed to enroll in one course. Before enrolling in mini-term courses, McMillan suggests students meet with their academic adviser.

"We limit students to taking one course in the mini-term because you have compressed an entire semester in three weeks. The amount of work required is tremendous," he said.

This year 43 courses will be offered during the mini-term and the enrollment has already surpassed last year's numbers of 932 McMillan said. During the 2006 mini-term, 472 students enrolled in courses. A mix of core courses, upper-level and graduate courses will be available during the mini-term.

For those interested in attending one or both of UTPA's summer sessions, admissions deadlines are as follows: May 21 for summer I, and July 7 for summer II. The first day of class for summer I starts June 2, while summer session II begins July 10. Students are encouraged to enroll early.

UTPA's summer session I and II are each offered in a six-week time period, and are a good opportunity for students who are looking to restore their financial aid eligibility after having dropped courses in the fall and spring, or are wanting to improve their grade point average and academic standing during the summer McMillan said. In addition, summer sessions offer high school graduates an opportunity to get a jumpstart on their college career before the start of the fall semester, and it also allows students from other colleges and universities who are on summer break to earn credit close to home.

"We are constantly working on ways to allow students to graduate on time within the four-year period," he said.

To register for the mini-term or summer sessions, call 956/381-2999 or visit the following Web sites: for admissions, or to enroll,