Faculty member sells film script
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Posted: 11/14/2007
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David B. Carren, the newest addition to the theatre-television-film program at The University of Texas Pan American, just sold his original screenplay, "Black," to a professional production company.

- David B. Carren

Although he wrote the script before coming to the University, it has been in his agent's hands for over a year and was purchased this month by Peter van Vogelpoel, producer of the Oscar-nominated "Breaking the Waves." Van Vogelpoel has produced a variety of feature films and documentaries and is also a European Film Award nominee for Savrseni krug.

Carren is an experienced writer and producer of numerous television shows, such as "Star Trek," "Murder She Wrote," "Stargate SG-1," and many others. He left the Hollywood scene a few years ago to raise his children in Texas and do independent films. Hearing about the program at UTPA, he applied for the position in the Department of Communication because it fit so well with his personal and professional goals.

"People in L.A. say you can't get there from here, that you have to be in California to make things happen, and that's simply not true. My own experience bears this out," he said. "While I was in Hollywood I wrote several film scripts that did not sell. I'm in the bottom of Texas here, and I was still able to make a major film deal. The producer is planning to film it next year with a name cast."

"'Black' focuses on Deana Brill, a grieving widow who is afflicted with agoraphobia and unable to leave the confines of her own home. This woman finds herself trapped in a bloody nightmare when a homicidal maniac invades her world. Unable to walk out an unlocked door to freedom, Deana faces an impossible dilemma until she makes a fatal and irrevocable choice," he said.

Carren credits his wife, Marilyn, with coming up with the initial idea that led to the plot.

"She told me of a dream she had about a woman trapped in her house, and that got me to thinking of how to turn it into a film script," he said.

This prolific writer has recently completed another film script, which will be the basis for a movie to be shot on campus this year as the project script for COMM 4615, Summer Television Workshop.

"This one is called 'The Red Queen.' I guess I am in a color mode these days when it comes to titles."

Anyone interested in working on "The Red Queen," which films in June, may get on the e-mail list by contacting More information will be released to list members as it becomes available.