UTPA attends criminological symposium in Reynosa
Contact: Sandra Faires, Intern 381-2741
Posted: 12/01/2006
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Criminal justice faculty at The University of Texas-Pan American recently participated in the Simposio Internacional de Crimonología at La Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas (UAT), Mexico. The goal of the criminological conference was to help improve relations between UAT and UTPA, allow for the exchange of information and research findings, develop new faculty and student exchange programs, and bring more cultural experiences to both universities. Criminologists from Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, and the United States presented papers on law, crime, justice, and forensics. The following UTPA faculty from the Department of Criminal Justice participated in the conference: Dr. S. George Vincentnathan, chair, presented on "Democratic Changes in Indian Communities, and Their Impact on Community Courts;" Dr. Joseph A-Gyamfi, associate professor, presented on "Social Changes and Crime in Ghana;" Dr. Rosalva Resendiz, assistant professor, gave a poster presentation on "El Circo Del Silencio: Las Mujeres De Juarez;" and Dr. Lynn Vincentnathan, assistant professor, presented on "Social Control Through Bogemen in Mexico and India." Pictured from left to right are Ross Gardener, forensic specialist from Atlanta, Ga., Dr. Alberto Martin Alvarez, UAT professor of criminology, Karla Villarreal Sotelo, UAT coordinator of criminology, Vincentnathan, and A-Gyamfi.