UTPA to host Texas Academy of Science 108th annual meeting, March 3-5
Posted: 03/01/2005
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More than 300 faculty and students from Texas colleges and universities and science professionals will converge onto The University of Texas-Pan American for the 108th Annual Meeting of the Texas Academy of Science, March 3-5.

This is the first time UTPA will host such an event said Dr. Hudson DeYoe, local conference host and associate professor in the Department of Biology. "It is great for UTPA to have the meeting here as it allows us to get the exposure we desperately need. We have a great place but outside of the Valley not many know much about us. Hopefully, it won't take another 108 years for the meeting to come back to UTPA," DeYoe said.

The meeting gives scientists an opportunity to share the results of their research with their peers and students. DeYoe said the annual meeting is also a perfect opportunity for UTPA students to get more engaged in science.

"Just as important, it is a chance for students to get involved in science by presenting the results of their research. The meeting is student-friendly so as to encourage students to get more involved in science," he said.

At least seven UTPA faculty will be making presentations of their research during the three-day event along with a large number of UTPA undergraduate and graduate students who will be either making presentations or presenting posters of their research DeYoe said.

Among the expected attendees to the annual meeting are science professionals from state and federal agencies like the Texas Parks and Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife. This year he said the Academy has also invited 19 scientists from Mexico to participate.

Areas planned for discussion include botany, biological science, conservation and management, environmental science, threatened and endangered species and much more. The event will take place mainly in the Science and Engineering Buildings at UTPA.

During the meeting, UTPA research professor Dr. Frank W. Judd will be honored with the 2005 Distinguished Scientist Award by the Texas Academy of Science. As the award winner, Judd will also have the opportunity to present during the Distinguished Scientist Lecture Friday, March 4, 1:45 p.m. at the Engineering Building, Room 1.300. Judd will be presenting on "Native Plant Communities of the Lower Rio Grande Valley," which he has researched since 1985.

DeYoe said Judd is deserving of the award because he is one of the hardest working scientists he has ever known.

"His personal standards are high, so not surprisingly, so is his research. He deserves this recognition. It is a great honor for him and the University," DeYoe said.

To learn more about the 108th Annual Meeting of the Texas Academy of Science, call UTPA at 956/381-2404 or log on to for the schedule of presentations.