UTPA administrators take part in videoconference to discuss tuition proposal
Posted: 10/17/2003
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The University of Texas-Pan American joined other components from The University of Texas System in a videoconference Wednesday, Oct. 15 to discuss the changes and process of tuition setting.

UTPA adminstrators join in on a videoconference with other UT System components to discuss tuition settings.

The videoconference was organized to provide the latest information on tuition proposals being made by the various components.

"We want to determine how we can use tuition to accomplish the objectives of our various campuses," said Mark Yudolf, UT System Chancellor. "The Board (of Regents) takes this responsibility rather seriously and we are anxious to work with each component."

Among the topics discussed were tuition consultations being held on the nine different campuses, an update on the "Be on Time" loan repayment program and the Texas Tomorrow Fund.

Because of concerns among students on the issue of financial assistance, participants were also given a brief, but detailed report on financial aid, and how it works.

"Different campuses have different issues such as the utilization of classrooms and buildings," said Dr. Teresa Sullivan, executive vice chancellor for Academic Affairs for the UT System. "But on each campus I visited, I had the opportunity to meet with students, and one thing I heard were a lot of questions about financial aid."

Participants were informed about the logistics of a November meeting where each UT System component will review their campus proposals.

UT Pan American is proposing an increase in designated tuition for the 2004 fall semester from $32 a semester credit to $38. To accomodate the extensive growth it has experienced, the University hopes to hire more faculty members with the tuition increase.

Attending the videoconference were James Langabeer, UTPA vice president for Business Affairs; J.C. Gonzalez, UTPA budget director; and Frances Rivera, UTPA financial analyst.