Enrollment of international students increases at UTPA
Posted: 10/15/2003
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Enrollment of international students for the fall 2003 semester has increased by 36 percent at The University of Texas-Pan American.

With more than 45 countries represented, the University enrolled 579 students for the fall - an increase of 157 students from last year.

According to Phillip Clay, foreign student advisor, many students have chosen UT Pan American over other universities because of the quality of services and programs being offered and low tuition costs.

"Based on a recent survey conducted, the level of international student satisfaction has dramatically increased in the last three years in the area of international services," Clay said. "(Students) now have a more positive attitude and more are recommending UTPA to their fellow nationals."

Another reason for the increase in international enrollment is extensive recruitment efforts from the New Student and Visitor Services department.

"When a student leaves our campus with a good impression, then that student will go and tell others about the great opportunities at UTPA," said Nidia Aguirre, UTPA recruiter for Mexico. "I believe this is why many students decided to come this year."

Among the countries represented at UTPA this year are Bolivia, 12 students; China, 10; Philippines, 11; Turkey, 11; Canada, 18; India 35; and Mexico, 414. The highest increase came from Mexico at 32 percent and India at 34 percent.

Clay predicts enrollment for international students will continue to increase during the upcoming semesters. He predicts at least 600 foreign students for spring 2004 and 700 for the next fall semester.