Campus-wide recycling initiative has a call to action
Posted: 10/27/2003
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The University of Texas-Pan American and Lone Star Shredding are making it easier for the University community to recycle paper. UTPA and Lone Star Shredding have joined forces and are providing recycling bins for paper collection.

"Lone Star Shredding pays one cent per pound for our shredded material," said Paula Berkley, records management analyst in the Records Management Office. "We've now been provided, for the first time, a trailer to house our shredded material so that we can collect more paper than ever and get paid for it."

Ninety-five gallon locked bins are available to any department interested in having their material shredded and recycled. Berkley said recycling is good business and there are many reasons why everyone should recycle their paper.

"Recycling is just a smart thing to do. It cuts down on expenses because our custodians don't have to take the waste to the city dump. It creates less waste for the city dump. It's a safer way of discarding sensitive information and it produces an income that puts money back into a recycling fund for later use," Berkley said. "It's the environmentally responsible thing to do."

All kinds of paper, with the exception of carbon paper, may be recycled including phone books. Once the bins are full they are picked up, emptied and returned at no cost to the participant.

For more information contact Berkley at 292-7225 to have a locked bin delivered.