UTPA and UAT share academic ideas during meeting
Posted: 09/30/2003
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Administrators, directors and professors from The University of Texas-Pan American and Universidad Autonoma de Tamualipas (UAT) met Monday, Sept. 29 at the UTPA campus to discuss future plans to help create better academic opportunities on both sides of the border.

UTPA President Dr. Miguel A. Nevarez, left, and UAT President Jesus Lavin Santos de Prado, middle, discuss plans that woul improve relations between the universities.

"We are looking at duplicating efforts that have been very successful in the past," said UTPA President Dr. Miguel A. Nevárez. "We have similar needs, and I think we can help each other become more productive in our academic efforts."

Participants from both universities were divided among academic programs including music, nursing, engineering, business, education, information technology, criminal justice, psychology and research. Each group formulated a plan that would enhance their relationships.

The participants suggested exchange programs for the music department, and the doctoral business and education programs; library services where both universities would have access to databases; engineering programs that would allow students from UAT to work on their thesis at UT Pan American; and collaborative research on topics such as public health, the economy, bio-medical/bio-technology and environmental issues.

"Our main goal is to provide exchange programs for our students and our professors that will make our schools competitive around the world," said Jesús Lavin Santos del Pardo, president of UAT. "Ultimately, we hope to provide consistency and quality among our programs."

Attending the event was Dr. Rodolfo Arévalo, provost/vice president for Academic Affairs; deans from each of the UTPA colleges; and more than 40 representatives from UAT.