Student Organization Recruitment Fair attracts 600 students
Posted: 09/05/2003
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The University of Texas-Pan American Student Organization Recruitment Fair had approximately 66 student organizations participate September 4. The goal of the fair is to allow organizations to present themselves to students in order to recruit them as members. Although temperatures hovered near 100 degrees, students flocked to the quad to investigate the myriad of organizations seeking members.

¡ÈIt¡Çs unbelievable how many people signed up for The

Jessica Rodriguez and Bertha Pena explain the Enivornmental Awareness Club to a potential member.
Environmental Awareness Club,¡É said Claudia Guajardo, club historian and sophomore in biology. ¡ÈStudents swamped our table the entire time. It was great.¡É

The Office of Student Development estimated that more than 600 students attended making the 2003 fair one of the largest in school history.

¡ÈWe had 20 more organizations sign up this year than last year,¡É said David Mariscal, assistant dean of students. ¡ÈUnfortunately, we had to have the event outdoors because it¡Çs too large to hold indoors. Organizations need to meet students early in the semester. This also happens to be the hottest time of year, but the turnout was very good.¡É

To learn more about the more than 100 student organizations on campus contact the Office of Student Development at 956/381-2260 or go online at