Faculty, staff honored for participating in learning communities project
Posted: 07/17/2003
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Faculty and staff from The University of Texas-Pan American were honored for their participation in the Learning Communities Project during a recent reception held at UTPA.

Faculty and staff from UTPA were honored for their participation in the Learning Communities Project. Pictured above are Bill Watkins, Belinda Reyes, Dr. Rodolfo Rocha, Debora De Leon, Juanita Garza,Alice Espinoza, Margaret Allison, Dr. Les Rydl, Dr. Evelyn Humme,Amy Martin, Vikky Rangel, Gabriel Lopez, Pat Guiterrez, Freida Thompson, Frank Loera, Dr. Dahlia Guerra.

The Learning Communities Project - part of the University Retention Advisement Program (URAP) - provides an exciting way to help students succeed academically, socially and personally during their first year in college.

"We awarded certificates to faculty and staff for their participation and we discussed how important and valuable they are to this project," said Belinda Reyes, student development specialist for URAP. "This project contributes to the likelihood of success during a student's first year and eventual on-time graduation."

The project offers services such as paired freshman courses, which allows classmates to enroll together in two or more courses. Through this program, students are able to enroll in small classes with no more than 30 people, experience more interaction with professors and meet more peers.

Established in 1999 by the Division of Academic Affairs, URAP collaborates with faculty and other departments on campus to increase the success of academically based projects targeted at increasing student retention and graduation rates.