Doctoral students participate in summer national conferences
Posted: 07/03/2003
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Six doctoral students from The University of Texas-Pan American College of Business Administration will spend their summer presenting their research to international and national researchers, doctoral students and professors at several prestigious national conferences.

Doctoral students Sindy Chapa, Monica Hernandez and Cecilia Maldonado, all from Mexico, Carmen Leonor Martinez of Colombia and Rahul Verma of India, submitted their papers to different conferences and were chosen among thousands of entries - including papers from other doctoral students and senior professors - to present their research.

Dr. Michael Minor, professor of Marketing and International Business and director of the doctoral program - who co-authored three of the papers and was involved in the development of a fourth - said all papers submitted by senior professors and doctoral students to the conferences went through a blind review, which meant the reviewers did not know whose papers they were judging.

"The reviewers do not know whether they were reading something from a senior scholar from Harvard, Stanford, MIT or a student from UTPA," Minor said. "The paper was accepted or rejected solely on its merits."

Minor said this is the first time the program has had so many of its students chosen to participate in four different conferences.

"Having our students present their papers will get us recognized pretty quickly. For us in the College of Business Administration, this will increase our credibility and reputation throughout the academic world," said Minor.

Minor said this is not only a plus for the students, but it's great exposure for UTPA. Participation in these types of conferences puts UTPA in the league with schools such as the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University.

"For these students and all who follow them, this adds to the credibility of the program they are graduating from," Minor said. "It will make them more employable at better institutions. Even the University benefits because we increase UTPA's reputation, and this makes it easier for us to get grants. So really everyone benefits."

The students begin their presentation tour July 5-9 in Monterrey, Calif. at the Academy of International Business (AIB) Annual Meeting. The meeting is a primary cross-disciplinary organization for academics interested in international aspects of business.

Presenting at this conference will be Chapa, who will present her paper titled "Does Product Category Influence COO? Country of Origin effect Among Chilean Consumers." Martinez will present her study "Columbia's Economic Groups: Managerial Philosophies"; and Verma will present "Can Investment Opportunities and Free Cash Flows Explain the Wealth Effects of JIV."

AIB also selected Verma to participate in the Doctoral Consortium - a mini-conference where the best students in the discipline, either nominated by their schools or selected from a group of applicants, are treated to small group sessions with leading experts.

Chapa, a doctoral student in international business with a concentration in marketing, said she is no stranger to presenting at these conferences. She previously participated in the American Marketing Educators Conference.

"I'll be presenting an article about the effect of the origin and category of the products on Chilean consumers. This is an investigation that I conducted last summer during my internship in Talca, Chile," Chapa said.

She believes her paper was chosen by AIB because she conducted her study in Chile.

"I think that having a new idea tested in an international environment really helped my article get accepted," Chapa said.

Chapa will also present "The Effect of Gender on Gendered TV Advertising of Neutral Products: A Bi-Cultural Investigation" - which she co-authored with Jennifer Pope, a doctoral student - at the 2003 American Marketing Association (AMA) Summer Marketing Educator's Conference, Aug. 15-18 in Chicago, Ill.

Chapa was only one of four doctoral students worldwide awarded a scholarship from the AMA Foundation to attend the premier conference for marketing academics.

"I'm honored to represent the Valley and UTPA in those two national conferences this summer," Chapa said. "I'm very honored to be a woman representing doctoral students, and very honored to be a Mexican representing the international students."

Also presenting their papers at AMA will be Hernandez, "A Decision Tool for the Assessment of Advergaming Suitability" and Maldonado, "The Influence of Culture in Website Design: A Comparison Between Mexico and USA."

Martinez was also chosen to serve on a panel and serve in the Doctoral Consortium in International Management for the Academy of Management (AOM), Aug. 1-6. AOM is a worldwide organization for academics in the discipline of management.

Verma will present "Modeling Country Risk in Latin America: A Country Beta Approach" at the Financial Management Association (FMA) in Denver, Colo., Oct. 8-11. FMA is an organization for academics in the discipline of finance.