International professionals learn about telecommunications at UTPA
Posted: 06/17/2003
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The University of Texas-Pan American Center for Distance Learning hosted a training session this week (June 16-20) to teach international professionals from developing countries the skills needed in the telecommunication field.

Seven international professionals participated in the U.S. Telecommunications Training Institute at The University of Texas-Pan American June 16-20.

Since 1998, the University has offered this type of training with support from the United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI) - a non-profit venture between leaders of the U.S. telecommunications, broadcast and IT industries and ranking officials from the federal government who together provide tuition-free management, policy and technical training for professionals from developing countries.

This year the session included participants from Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Mongolia.

"This type of web development will have a great impact in my country," said Jacob Mbawala, who is managing director of Joyous Computer Training in Tanzania. "I thank UTPA for sponsoring this kind of training, and I want to encourage other universities to do what Pan Am is doing."

Participants learned about web site development, operating systems and database management.

Kumar Raman, CDL instructor, teaches international professionals about website development during the U.S. Telecommunications Training Institute at UTPA.
The course curriculum included (1) installing, configuring and maintaining an Internet/Intranet web server; (2) developing and publishing web pages; (3) capturing and displaying information using database management systems; and (4) managing a web site for web-based learning.

"This program provided people from developing countries training that may not be available to them at home," said Sylvia Gonzalez, instructional developer for CDL. "With this training, participants will be able to go back and apply their skills at work, and train others as well."

The UTPA Center for Distance Learning provides services and facilities that promote, support and integrate web-based education.