FBI agents partner with UTPA police for the first violent crime seminar
Posted: 06/06/2003
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The University of Texas-Pan American, in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Hidalgo County Sheriff's department, presented a three day seminar, June 3-5 to more than 130 investigators and agents in the Rio Grande Valley.

James Beasley,II, supervisory special agent for NCAVC addresses investigators.

The seminar - the first ever held in the Valley and on the UTPA campus - addressed issues on how to submit cases for analysis, crime scene assessment and basic profiling concepts, crimes against children and research into serial homicide.

"This is an unprecedented seminar. We have never held one before in the Valley and even our own agents rarely get this kind of information and training in one place," said an unidentified FBI agent. "We decided to do the seminar here because of the recent gang-related offenses and violent crimes in the area."

All presenters were FBI agents and profilers from the FBI's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC).

During the seminar agents learned that 60 percent of child abductors had no previous criminal history and a quarter of them had a military background. They also learned that there are some common factors among violent crime offenders such as social ineptitude, drugs and/or alcohol abuse, criminally unsophisticated behavior, poor academic ability, low level job skills and few behavioral controls.

Attending the seminar were investigators and police officers from the UTPA Police Department and the Hidalgo County Sheriff's department.