Angel Investor Program provides scholarships to 12 UTPA employees
Posted: 03/27/2003
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The University of Texas-Pan American Angel Investor Program has once again helped University staff employees continue their education through student scholarships. This year, UT Pan American awarded scholarships to 12 staff members.

This year's scholarship recipients include from left to right, sitting, Marisela Leal, and Sylvianora Garcia. Standing, Leticia Canales, Josefa C. Garza, Mauricio Saldana, and Jessica Cuevas.

Organized by the Division of External Affairs, the program encourages donations from UTPA employees for scholarships benefiting University full-time staff members who are seeking a bachelor's degree in any of the six academic colleges.

"I feel very honored to have been selected as a recipient of this scholarship," said Leticia Canales, sophomore education student, who works with Student Financial Services. "I thank all of those that contributed and will continue to contribute to this scholarship."

Aside from Canales, this year's recipients include Jessica Cuevas, freshman social work student, College of Arts and Humanities; Eduardo Flores, senior accounting student, Curriculum Resource Center; Sylvianora Garcia, senior computer information systems student, Educational Leadership;

Above are this year's scholarship recipients. From left to right: sitting, Maria Perez, Lorena Sue Lindberg. Standing, Eduardo Flores, Jose Luis Tamez and Victor M. Pena.
Josefa C. Garza, sophomore interdisciplinary studies student, Office of Comptroller; Marisela Leal, sophomore interdisciplinary studies student, Office of Alumni Relations; and Lorena Sue Lindberg, sophomore art student, Personnel Services; Victor M. Peña, junior computer science student, Information Resources; Maria Perez, senior health education student, College of Education; Eloy Miguel Saenz, senior journalism student, High School to University Services; Mauricio Saldaña, freshman computer information systems student, Financial Aid Services; and Jose Luis Tamez, senior art student, University Library.

Tamez, who hopes to graduate this spring, said he depends on student scholarships to finance his education. In the past, he has worked more than one job to pay for his classes.

"Before I received this scholarship, I had two jobs and was only taking one or two classes," he said. "Now, I only have one job, and I am able to take more classes. I'm glad that they (investors) are doing this because without their help, I would not be here today."

UTPA Vice President for External Affairs Roland S. Arriola said contributors to the program have helped many staff members achieve their goals of receiving a higher education - something they may not have been able to do without the scholarship.

"With your ongoing support, we will be able to continue helping other University employees fulfill their dream of a college education," he said. "Thank you for being a great friend to UT Pan American and our students."