30th annual Career Day and federal agency panel held at UTPA
Posted: 03/05/2003
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Offering approximately 65 governmental agencies, corporations, school districts, military services and other entities, the 30th annual Career Day, held at The University of Texas-Pan American campus, attracted more than 2,000 students who learned about job opportunities, internship availability and other important information concerning career choices and achievementsTuesday, March 4.

Students meet with representatives from various agencies during the 30th annual Career Day Fair.

"We are celebrating our 30th annual career day and it has evolved from simply providing career information to students to a place where students can find out about internships, part time jobs with local employers and permanent job placement for graduating students," said Enedelia Kidd, director of Career Placement Services.

Kidd said both students and the companies and agencies gain from participating in the event.

Among the many representatives present were school districts from around the state, corporations such as Lockheed-Martin and Xerox, federal, state and local government agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Texas Department of Human Services and companies with local presence such as H-E-B and Target.

Company Recruiter Lizbeth Treviño, who is also a UTPA graduate and now a Raytheon electrical engineer, said she first became aware of her company through a career fair and informational session held in connection with the event.

"If a student takes advantage of this (Career Day) it can be a great boost to their career search," Treviño said.

Dilip Bose, also a UTPA graduate student in manufacturing engineering, said he was looking for an internship or job placement opportunities.

"My dream is to get into a good company like Raytheon for example," Bose said.

Jose Ramirez, a UTPA junior majoring in chemistry, attended the event to see what the job market is like right now especially for chemists and chemical engineers.

"It is an opportunity to look at some things at an up close perspective rather than just on the Internet," Ramirez said.

Representatives presented federal agency descriptions and employment opportunities from nine different agencies during a panel discussion and question and answer session a day before.

Representatives briefly described their agencies general responsibilities, what types of positions were available and an overview of the testing and application process. General job search advice was also given.

David Burris, CIA SW Regional Recruiter, recommended students do a career portfolio identifying their skills and knowing what they want to do.

All recruiters agreed that it was important to do homework on the agency before applying and emphasized the need to be open to relocation for federal job positions.

For additional information on company information sessions, on campus interviews, job preparation workshops, and job vacancies can contact Career Placement Services at 956/381-2243.