UTPA employees learn more about safety at training program
Posted: 10/29/2002
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The University of Texas-Pan American is a safer place for students and faculty thanks to the studious efforts of several employees from the UTPA Department of Environmental Health and Safety and the Physical Plant.

Saul Jauregui, safety specialist I, Tom Ramirez, safety technician II, both from the DEHS; and James Sparks, electronic tech III/leader, from the Physical Plant were certified as "Fire Safety Inspectors" following a rigorous week-long training program in Galveston, Texas.

"This (training) gave us a better understanding of rules that govern fire safety regarding exit doors, signs, fire drills and sprinkler systems," said Jauregui, a one-year employee with DEHS.

Jauregui and his colleagues were tested on their knowledge of the course content consisting of a complete review of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes. The training included learning about alarm systems to hazardous materials. According to the Director of DEHS the men are already putting their knowledge to practice.

"The employees will utilize the knowledge obtained in this class during routine building and laboratory inspections conducted on the UTPA campus," said Richard Costello. "What it ultimately means to the UTPA community is a safer place to work."

The men also say they were able to pick up some tips and new ideas from other health and safety employees from around the country who also attended the classes.

"We got to interact with other components to see what they're doing when it comes to fire safety," Sparks said.

Ramirez said he is thankful for the opportunity to learn and experience more about safety and hazardous measures.

"I'm glad the administrators had the foresight to send us to this service. The information will be very useful."