Records Center provides valuable service to University departments
Posted: 01/10/2002
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Academic and support departments at The University of Texas-Pan American now have the chance to properly store and maintain departmental records through the UTPA Records Center.

Alex Romo, UTPA Records Center staff member, stores a box filled with University records. The center, located at the old Lamar school grounds, assists UTPA departments in archiving and destroying old records.
"The center is used to improve efficiency of staff and faculty, which in turn increases service to all sectors of the University community," said Paula Berkley, records management analyst.

The center - which stores active and inactive files in a secure area for the purpose of retrieval and archival - was created through the Records Management Program and is mandated by the state. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission is responsible for overseeing the center and dictates how long records should be kept before being destroyed.

The Records Center staff also provides suggestions as to what file classification systems are most useful and beneficial to individual departments.

"The center's resources are used to assist the departments with their records issues. If a department needs someone to come in and train personnel, the center is ready to do that," Berkley said.

The UTPA biology department recently received assistance from the center to sort out files and determine what needed to be archived or destroyed.

"We had old records in the biology department and we needed some help in sorting them out," said Dr. Mohammed Farooqui, department chair. "The center was very helpful in telling us what to do."

For more information on the center and its services, contact Berkley at 956/292-7225, records technician Daniel Montalvo at 956/292-7226 or stop by their office at the new Computer Center, Room 1.614.