Texas Tomorrow Fund Helps Texas Families Pay For College
Posted: 04/10/2001
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Community members and personnel at The University of Texas-Pan American learned about the Texas Tomorrow Fund during a presentation Tuesday, April 10 at the Student Union Theatre.

Sponsored by Personnel Services, the presentation explained the innovative pre-paid tuition program that helps Texas families send their children to college.

""This is a very unique program that allows people to pay tomorrow's college tuition at today's prices," said Liz Arenas, representative of the Texas Tomorrow Fund. "And it is constitutionally guaranteed by the state."

The program allows anyone-including parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, businesses or clubs-to pay for college tuition at a locked-in rate when purchased during a given year. The State of Texas will honor the purchase, Arenas said.

To qualify, the child must be a Texas resident under age 18 who has not graduated from high school.

Norma Campos, UTPA human resource specialist, said the Texas Tomorrow Fund is a great alternative for parents to pay for their child's college expenses.

For more information on the Texas Tomorrow Fund, visit its website at