UTPA promotes Angel Investor/Promise Scholarship Fund
Contact: Scott Maier, Senior Editor 381-3639
Posted: 10/10/2000
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The University of Texas-Pan American recognized contributors to the Angel Investor/Promise Scholarship Fund with a reception Oct. 5 at the International Trade and Technology Building.

Spearheaded by the Office for External Affairs, the program encourages donations to scholarships benefiting students in any of the six academic colleges or University staff, or to the Greater University Fund, which is used for such student activities as national competitions, conferences and music and cultural events.

Participants in the Angel Investor/Promise Scholarship Fund at The University of Texas-Pan American socialize during a recent reception at the International Trade and Technology Building. The program provides scholarships for both students and University staff.

"Individuals who participate will know they are doing a good thing," said Roland S. Arriola, vice president for External Affairs. "It's a small investment that goes a long way."

Two UTPA staff members - Josefina Valdez, a computer center programmer analyst, and Rosa Ortega of the High School Equivalency program - were awarded scholarships.

In the business world, angel investors are individuals or organizations who provide entrepreneurs with venture capital. According to trade publication reports, they typically are focused on technology start-ups, Web-based companies and financial service agencies.

Just as business start-ups are looking for angel investors to get their companies going, UTPA students need angel investors to assist them in completing their education, Arriola said.

"In business, the return on your investment is monetary," Arriola said. "At The University of Texas-Pan American, the return on investment is the satisfaction in knowing individuals have obtained their degrees and are going to be productive members of the community."

Because of new legislation allowing higher education employees at Texas' public universities to contribute to their own institutions through payroll deduction, UTPA faculty and staff already have donated significantly to the Angel Investor/Promise Scholarship Fund. But alumni, friends of the University, businesses and community organizations also are encouraged to contribute.

"We need to have angel investors willing to commit resources to help students attain an education," Arriola said.

For information on the Angel Investor/Promise Scholarship Fund, contact the University Development Center at 956/318-5301.