Teacher preparation program to be reconfigured
Contact: Scott Maier, Senior Editor 381-3639
Posted: 10/11/2000
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In response to a recent state mandate regarding new teaching certificate levels, The University of Texas-Pan American is in the process of reconfiguring its teacher preparation program to accommodate several new middle school certificate areas.

The State Board for Educator Certification will begin issuing new middle school certificates beginning 2002 in the following areas: generalist, bilingual generalist, mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, mathematics/science, and language arts/social studies. Generalist and bilingual generalist are interdisciplinary areas, while mathematics/science and language arts/social studies are composite areas.

Also, according to the new state guidelines, middle school certificates will cover grades four through eight instead of six through eight.

To accommodate these changes, the UTPA Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Restructuring Committee is assessing the University's teacher preparation program. A recommendation is expected in the next few months.