Course on "Religion and Science" offered this summer at UTPA
Posted: 04/10/2000
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EDINBURG - Want to know the latest developments in the creation/evolution controversy?

Concerned about advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering?

Interested in the current state of the relationship between religion and science?

Then this could be a very good summer for you.

A course of study devoted to examining the issues in religion and science will be held during the second summer session at The University of Texas - Pan American.

The course will cover such topics as the dispute between creationism and evolutionary practice, intelligent design theory, the dualism of souls and bodies, consciousness and the doctrine of immortality, and the effect of relativity and quantum physics on the religious understanding of the natural world.

The course is open to members of the community, as well as to students from UTPA and other universities who wish to take the course for academic credit.

"Some remarkable things have been happening over the past decade to the old and familiar tensions between science and religion," said Dr. Thomas D. Pearson, assistant professor of philosophy at UTPA, who will be teaching the course.

"Some scientists have started taking religious concerns seriously and some religious people have started talking scientific claims seriously," said Pearson. "The result has been a new outburst of activity in the interface between religion and science. We're going to look at what has been going on in this field. It promises to be very exciting."

The course is listed as Philosophy 4390, "Special Topics in Philosophy." It will be taught each weekday during the summer session from 9:25 to 10:55 AM.

The second summer session at UTPA runs from Friday, July 14 through Friday, August 18. Guest speakers have been invited in to make topical presentations, and there will be lectures and class discussion each day. There will be a wide range of readings, from conservative Christian authors to scientists and philosophers committed to scientific naturalism.

"Courses like this one are starting to be offered at universities all over North America," adds Dr. Pearson. "This is going to be an opportunity for people in the Rio Grande Valley to become acquainted with the latest information and strategies for understanding the universe we live in."

For more information on registration call (956) 381-2201. For more information on the course, call Dr. Pearson at 956/381-3570.