UTPA awarded $1.9 million grant for financially challenged freshman
Posted: 02/18/2000
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Edinburg - The University of Texas-Pan American was recently awarded a $1.9 million grant by the Texas State Legislature in the Toward Excellence Access & Success (TEXAS) Grant earmarked for tuition money for financially challenged freshman.

"This program offers UTPA students financial opportunities and a strong student retention program for our university," said Arnold Trejo, assistant vice-president for enrollment services at UTPA. "The program will enable our students to focus more on their academic studies and less on financial burdens."

UTPA was awarded the largest amount from 86 other Texas public, private universities and community colleges selected for the grant.

According to Trejo, the Texas Legislature allocated 18 million to the program based on the average school tuition and fees at the state level. UTPA was initially awarded $1.1 million to reward students who have taken the college prep curriculum in high school.

UTPA received notification of the award in June 1999, and in August, the chosen students were notified. In November, UTPA submitted a report to the fiscal agent of the program making them aware of their program.

UTPA asked for an additional $694,580. A total of 728 students, about 45 percent of the freshman class received a yearly average of $2,500.

Next year, students who have been receiving the grant will have priority over incoming freshmen. The TEXAS grant will be evaluated every two years, and next year the Legislature is expected to grant $33 million to the 86 schools.

For more information, contact Arnold Trejo at 956/381-2503 or Earl Frankenberger, vice-president for Enrollment and Student Services at 956/381-2147.