UTPA College of Business adds Communication Skills Program to graduation requirements
Posted: 02/02/1999
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EDINBURG - The University of Texas-Pan American College of Business Administration recently added a Communication Skills Program requirement for all undergraduate students seeking a bachelor's degree in business.

All new business undergraduate students, as of September 1998, are now required to meet a certain level of proficiency in the areas of oral and written business communication skill.

"Our students need to recognize that employers require good communication skills, and an employee who cannot communicate effectively has very limited value to an organization," said Margaret Allison, director of communication skills for the College of Business Administration. She reiterated that our program will say to employers that our students can effectively communicate his or her ideas both in an oral and in a written format.

Allison said the communication program was developed because employers have indicated some students lack the appropriate ability to communicate. The program will enable students to say that they have the skills necessary to interact appropriately in work groups or in producing reports required by employers.

According to Allison, students are required to demonstrate the ability to prepare and present a PowerPoint multimedia presentation in a required course in their major field of study with a grade of "A."

Students must also demonstrate the ability to write a concise and clear technical report in a required course specific to accounting, management, human resource management, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, computer information systems, international business or economics with a grade of "B" or better.

They must also demonstrate the ability to write a 500-word essay, under supervision, that displays appropriate logic and organization and acceptable spelling, punctuation and grammar. For students who do not successfully pass the essay, a diagnostic report identifying problem areas will be provided.

To accomplish these goals, special sections of English 1301 will be designated for business majors, and pre- and post-testing and diagnostic testing will be done in this class. Students' areas of development will be identified and a recommended course of action will be offered.

A 23-station Communication Skills Lab will be available for students in the College of Business Administration for administering the 500-word essay.

The lab will be available for students who need additional practice in writing or who desire to utilize tutorial software to improve their skills.

For more information, contact Allison at 956/381-3360.