UTPA offers new MBA for physicians
Posted: 10/02/1998
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The University of Texas-Pan American College of Business Administration is now offering a customized master of business administration degree for physicians.

More than 25 physicians are currently enrolled in the new program, which began this fall and is designed to emphasize the management of health-related issues.

The program is a 30-semester hour program that focuses on management, marketing, finance, accounting, information systems, personnel administration and the legal environment of business.

According to Dr. Jane LeMaster, coordinator of the master's degree program at UTPA, health care delivery is a major part of the continually developing business environment, which is evolving to meet new economic, ethical and technological demands of society.

"As the world of health care becomes increasingly organized and bureaucratized, the demands on individual physician responsibility increases and often may be at odds with the best possible care," LeMaster said.

"The MBA puts the power of increased knowledge and understanding in the hands of the physician. There is nothing to lose from having an MBA, and the combination of degrees places the physician in a position of leadership in the future of health care," LeMaster said.

LeMaster said the MBA is designed for physicians only, and is an all-inclusive degree program. The total cost of the program is $15,000, which is paid over the course of the program.

The administrator of the program registers the physicians in the classes, pays all tuition and fees, purchases the books, parking permits, and provides The Wall Street Journal, meals and/or snacks.

Each class session is also video-taped for the convenience of those physicians who may be called away from class or who are unable to attend.

The MBA at UTPA is accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business-The International Association for Management Education.

For more information on the program, contact LeMaster at 956/381-3317.