UTPA allocating parking spaces for new car pool program
Posted: 09/03/1998
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The University of Texas-Pan American is allocating approximately 200 parking spaces throughout the campus for a new car pool program.

The Pan American Carpool Program, designed to reduce parking congestion on campus as well as benefit the environment, should go into effect in October, said Eddie Morin, property and facility coordinator for UT Pan American.

"We are currently surveying spaces to designate PAC parking," Morin said. "Many of the PAC spaces will more than likely be old reserved spaces that aren't being used anymore due to the shifting of personnel to new buildings."

The spaces will be painted bright blue with white lettering, and only students who display a valid carpool hang-tag permit, as well as a regular student parking permit, will be allowed to park in these spaces.

To qualify for a carpool permit, the car owner must demonstrate that there are three or more students who live in the same area and have similar schedules. Each vehicle registered must have a valid UTPA student parking permit.

According to Morin, a limited number of carpool permits will be sold per lot to accommodate students with carpool permits.

To apply for a carpool permit, a student must fill out a carpool application, which can be acquired at the UTPA Parking and Traffic Office at 501 N. Sugar Road. The cost of the carpool permit will be $12 a semester.