UTPA Memory Stoles

UTPA Memory StoleHoping to inspire a new tradition at The University of Texas-Pan American, former President Dr. Blandina Cárdenas initiated the wearing of Memory Stoles at her first commencement ceremony as the institution's leader in fall 2004.

The stoles, in the school colors of green and orange, are emblazoned with the UTPA official seal and make a bright and fashionable addition to the all-black graduation gown.

Candidates wear the stoles around their necks throughout the graduation ceremonies and then afterwards are encouraged to present the stole to a special person in an expression of gratitude. The treasured stole could be given to mom, dad, spouse, educator or a friend who most inspired, mentored or helped in your personal quest for knowledge.

At UTPA, a campus community that places great importance on cherishing family and friends, Memory Stoles are a tradition that will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.

Graduates, may you wear your Memory Stoles with pride!



Graduate Testimonials

"I owe my success to my mother for all her love, support and spiritual guidance. This was a long journey with many hard times and she really guided me through it all," said Christina Beth Garza, a May 2005 graduate with a bachelor's in Business Administration, upon giving her memory stole to her mother Alicia Garza to thank her for her sacrifices and support to her and her siblings.

"I gave it to him (my brother) for all the respect I have for him and his hard work and dedication. He is the only person that I know that through hard times never quits and never gives up," May 2005 graduate Claudia Christina Martinez, who received a bachelor's in sociology, said of her brother Gabriel Felipe Martinez, who donned the stole given to him by her after the ceremony acknowledging the strong bond between him and his sister.