Methods of Communication

  • Text Messaging (SMS) / Voice Mail Notification / Email Notification

    Text MessagingText messaging, voice mail, and email notification will be one of the primary tools used for notifications during an emergency. Due to space limitations with text messaging, relevant updates will be sent using the system and detailed information can be obtained by visiting the website. YOU WILL RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS ONLY IF YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR IT.We encourage you to sign up now. Details of how to are provided in the Frequently Asked Questions section of

  • Campus Siren Systems

    Campus Siren SystemsThe audible warning system is a system of speaker arrays located at strategic locations throughout the campus capable of both siren and voice messaging designed to alert the UTPA community located on the campus grounds of an emergency situation that warrants immediate attention. If you hear the siren, PLEASE CHECK YOUR VOICE MAIL, TEXT MESSAGES, AND EMAIL for further information regarding an immediate threat to the campus.

  • Flat Screen Televisions

    Flat Screen TelevisionsA ticker on the flat screen televisions located in several buildings across campus will be used to broadcast appropriate emergency response information.

  • On the web

    On the WebVisit this page or the campus homepage at for the latest on a developing situation or during an emergency. If the web traffic on the homepage is expected to be high only the emergency information will be displayed instead of the regular homepage.

  • Email

    EmailEmail broadcast to the campus listservs may also be used. However, if the email server is down during the emergency (e.g. catastrophic event on campus) then it cannot be used. Please ensure that you sign up for Bronc Alert Text Messaging/Voice-Mail/ Email Notification for notifications in this type of event.

  • News Media

    News MediaPublic television and radio stations may be contacted to distribute emergency information or developing situations.