Vanity (Short) URL


Easy-to-remember, user-friendly vanity or short URL’s that point to UTPA websites that natively have a long, hierarchical URL based on where they reside in our Content Management System.


  • Use to redirect to a UTPA website with a long URL using a short, easy-to-remember URL allowing users to quickly reach a website.
  • Convenient, practical and short.
  • Useful for branding, marketing & promotion of any website.

This functionality is not provided for redirections to any website outisde of the domain such as any .com, .net etc.

Hours of Availability

Monitoring service is available 24 x 7 x 365, except during planned maintenance and upgrades.


This service can be requested by logging into myUTPA and clicking on the ServiceNow icon. The ServiceNow self-service page can be used to submit and track the status of all requests.


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