Bronc Notes


Bronc Notes is a service for posting official University news and announcements. To post a bulletin on Bronc Notes, you must be a University employee or an officer of an official University group. The submissions are approved by designated approvers in each Division. A consolidated email of all the announcements posted on a particular day is sent out daily to the students, faculty and staff mailing lists.


  • The criteria for the kind of postings allowed in Bronc Notes can be found at
  • Send out timely information by email to the various constituencies of the University (students, faculty and staff).
  • The latest bulletins are also available on the Bronc Notes website at
  • Disseminate information about events, news and announcements to the university-at-large.
  • Target your message to individual audiences to provide relevant announcements.
  • Bulletins can be categorized in one of several categories.
  • Divisional representatives approve bulletins for their respective Divisions. A list of these approvers can be found at

Hours of Availability

The service is available 24 x 7 x 365, except during planned maintenance and upgrades.


All full time employees can go to click on the Login button and use their UTPA credentials to login and post a bulletin. If you are unable to login please contact the helpdesk at 956-665-2020. For all other issues email


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