Microsoft Campus Agreement


Beginning Fall 1998, the University of Texas System has participated with Microsoft Corporation through the Microsoft Campus Agreement (MSCA). The MSCA provides students, faculty, and staff access to Microsoft's popular computer software, including operating systems and desktop productivity tools.

Through the MSCA contract, every student, faculty member, and staff employee in the University of Texas System will have access to the latest versions of this important suite of software for use both on campus and at home.

We believe this will give the UT System a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining students, as the software tools they most often need (and usually buy on their own) will now be available to them, at no additional cost, by attending UT System schools.

The most popular desktop packages from Microsoft are included for PC and Macintosh platforms as well as for use by thin clients in conjunction with Microsoft Windows Terminal Services.


The licensing (right-to-use) for the software products covered under this agreement are available at no additional cost to users who are eligible. Please note, license fees do not include installation media. If an eligible user wishes to extend their use from campus to home, they must purchase the installation media separately.

Computers owned by UTPA
All computers that are owned by institutions in The University of Texas System are covered by the Microsoft Campus Agreement. Departmental staff may install covered products for use for the duration of the agreement.

Computers owned by Students
Students have the option of using the software for free on campus or they may purchase a copy of the media for use on a personally owned machine.

Students are eligible provided they are currently enrolled in a degree-granting program at institutions in The University of Texas System. Correspondence and Long-Distance students are not eligible under the MSCA unless they are also officially admitted to a UT System institution.

Students are permitted to run covered products on one personally-owned machine for use for the duration of the agreement. The one exception to this is Office which can be installed on one desktop computer and one portable computer for your exclusive use.

When students graduate, they become permanently licensed for products covered at the time of graduation. If students leave the University without graduating, they must remove all products obtained under the MSCA.

Computers owned by Faculty and Staff (home use)
Faculty, faculty emeriti, and staff UTPA are eligible for home use with certain restrictions. Retired faculty and staff are not eligible.

Faculty and staff may also purchase a copy of the installation media for home use. Faculty and Staff are permitted to run covered products on one personally-owned machine for use for the duration of the agreement.

Faculty and staff who install the home use software must uninstall the software from their personally-owned computer when they leave employment at the UT System, or if the software is no longer made available for their use at work.

Who is not eligible?
Individuals are not eligible under the MSCA unless they meet the specific criteria above. Such ineligible individuals consist of (but are not limited to):

  • Anyone enrolled exclusively in non-credit courses
  • Conference attendees
  • Alumni
  • Visitors
  • Companies, and their employees, who have been hired on a contractual basis for services on or off campus. (i.e., individuals not directly employed by UTPA)
  • Retired faculty and staff

Hours of Availability

The service is available 24/7 and can be accessed through myUTPA.


To download or purchase the software please log in to myUTPA and under the My Applications area click on the icon called Bronc Software. This will take you to the website from where you can purchase or download Microsoft software.


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