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The purpose of whole disk encryption is to protect sensitive data that could be stored on staff and faculty computers. The software is available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. The Desktop and Portable Computer standard requires that the hard drives of laptop computers be encrypted. Whole Disk encryption software protects the information stored on a hard drive from unauthorized access in case the device is lost or stolen.


Whole disk encryption will encrypt a device in order to protect any sensitive data it might have. The solution also supports the encryption of removable drives like flash drives or external hard drives. If a device is stolen or lost, WDE will make it hard for the data to be retrieved from the device.

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The installation instructions and the software can be downloaded from the Help & Downloads section in myUTPA. Assistance for this service can be made through:


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Q:Why do I have to have Whole Disk Encryption?
Whole disk encryption helps to prevent exposure of confidential information. Because there is no way to prevent the downloading of confidential information onto a laptop computer all devices are encrypted as a contingency against their potential theft or loss. Encryption is also required in order to be in compliance with applicable UT System standards.
Q:How does Whole Disk Encryption work?
Whole Disk Encryption is software that encrypts everything on a computer hard drive (including the operating system). You will user your UTPA username and password to access your laptop.
Q:Will Whole Disk Encryption work on my laptop?
The encryption client software will run on Windows and Mac operating systems.
Q:Can I work while my computer encrypts?
Yes, you can continue to work. You may also wait until late in the day and begin the process so that it is complete when you return to work. Turn off sleep options if you are leaving your computer to encrypt while you are away.
Q:Can I turn my computer off while it is encrypting?
Turning your laptop off in the middle of encryption is not advisable. Turning off your laptop while it is being encrypted may cause adverse effects.
Q:Can I install the encryption client on my personal laptop?
No, at this time licenses are only available for UTPA owned assets.
Q:Can the installation be run from off campus with VPN connection?
No. Your laptop should be joined and authenticated to the UTPA Active Directory domain when you begin the encryption process. Bring your laptop to campus for WDE installation.
Q:Once my laptop is encrypted, what will change?
On start up, you will be presented with the encryption logon screen. Simply enter your UTPA username and password and your computer will boot as normal.
Q:I share a laptop with other people. Can my laptop still be encrypted?
Yes. However, each user must have their UTPA username associated with the laptop. When a laptop is initially encrypted only the username of the person installing the software is granted access. To request access for additional users please contact the IT Helpdesk and ask to have the user added or removed. You will need to know the computer name.
Q:I changed my password and now I’m unable to log on at the encryption screen. What do I do?
I changed my password and now I’m unable to log on at the encryption screen. What do I do?When logging on at the encryption screen, use your previous password. You will be prompted for your new password to log onto the UTPA domain - enter your new password and log onto your computer. If you’re unable to log on at the encryption screen with your old or new password, you must contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance.
Q:My laptop has been encrypted, but I forgot my password. What do I do?
Contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance with recovering your password.
Q:I receive an error message that says "There have been x unsucessfull attempts to lo into this computer." when I log on to my computer. What does this mean?
If a user tries to log on to their computer and enters the wrong password, after successfully logging on they will see a message similar to the one below. This message is informational to notify the user that someone has tried to access their computer.
Q:How do I get a user added (or removed) from an encrypted laptop?
Contact the IT Helpdesk and ask to have a user added or removed. You will need to know the computer name.
Q:My laptop was lost or stolen. What do I do?
Regardless of whether your computer was encrypted or not, the following parties must be notified.
Q:How do I uninstall the encryption software from my laptop?
All laptops are required by policy to have encryption installed on them at all time. All attempts to remove the encryption software from your laptop may render it unusable. Any questions, please contact the Information Security Office at 956-665-7124.
Q:Will the encryption software slow down my computer?
No. When you operating system starts, the Helpdesk recommends that you wait until all applications, including the encryption software (SecureDoc), is loaded.

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