Software Assessment


A standardized assessment process of software purchases that ensures among other things: adequate resources are available, requirements are fully identified, redundancy of software on campus is avoided, and timelines are set that are best for the University and not necessarily vendor driven. This assessment also leads to more effective and efficient implementations.


  • The Software Assessment process helps purchasing departments know what procedures to follow when purchasing software.
  • The Software Assessment process includes technology standards.

Hours of Availability

Service is available during normal University business hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm from Monday – Friday.


Please contact the IT Project Management Office (PMO) by email at or call (956) 665-2013 for this service.


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Related Help

Q:Where do I start when I want to buy or am thinking about buying software?
Contact the Project Management Office (PMO) for an initial consultation to determine the level of assessment needed for your potential software purchase.
Q:Should I contact PMO if I have already been approved by my department to buy software?
Yes, PMO can help ensure that every area is covered. This will lead to: setting realistic timelines; ensuring resources are available; reducing redundancy on campus; and, meeting compliance standards. Missing steps can lead to delayed, inadequate, or no implementation of the software.
Q:Who should I invite to vendor demonstrations and what questions need to be asked?
The PMO can help with determining which technical representatives should be included and what questions need to be asked.
Q:What resources are available to assess software?
The Software Assessment Request Process details different procedures for different assessment requests. For specific project management resources, please go to Project Management Services or contact PMO at or 665-2013.

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