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The service consists of collaboration for email, calendaring, and task management for university:


Faculty and staff are able to collaborate with email, calendaring, and task management for university related business. All accounts are backed up and available for restore for up to 4 weeks. This service can be used via Web, Smart Phone, and Desktop Clients. Service is highly available and replicated to Arlington Texas Disaster Recovery site. Large mailbox is available starting at 1gig and a request can be made for increase.

Hours of Availability

24x7, 365 days. System might be down during schedule maintenance periods. Scheduled maintenance is published via BroncNotes 3 days in advance.


All full time employees, faculty and staff, accounts are auto generated nightly based on memorandum of employment status. For departmental accounts and email distribution lists a UIC form is submitted to Computer Center Distribution window. Form can be found at For assistance or questions regarding the form or the service please contact: Telephone: 956-665-2020 Email: Self service portal: In Person: ASB 1.102


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Related Help

Q:How do I request access for one of my employees to read an email from a departmental email account?
You will need to submit a UIC form with the specifying the type of access requested. Include employee name and username, the departmental email account he or she needs access to and what type of access. Submit the form to the Computer Center Distribution Window. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to customer when access is granted. Customer may contact support for assistance setting up the account on the Outlook client.
Q:Can a departmental account be added to Outlook and how can I do so?

Yes, first you must fill out a UIC form and turn it in to the distribution window in the Computer Center. Once the form is processed, you will receive an e-mail confirming your access to the account. You can find instructions on the following support pages:

Q:How do I setup UTPA outlook email on my Apple (iOS) device?
You can setup your UTPA email account on your iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) device by following the steps below:
  • Select Settings from the home screen.
  • Select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars button from the settings screen.
  • Select the Add Account... button.
  • Select the Microsoft Exchange button.
  • Enter the following information, then select Join:
    • E-mail
    • Username: Your UTPA username.
    • Password: Your UTPA password.
    • Domain: UTPA
  • If prompted type in the Server Address and select Next.
  • You will then have the option to enable mail, contact, and calendars.
  • Select Save.
*Note: When prompted, it is strongly recommended to keep existing contacts on the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
You will now be able to access the UTPA employee email on your iOS enabled device by selecting the Mail app.
Q:How do I setup UTPA outlook email on my Google (Android) device?
Depending on your Android phone model, the method to set it up might be slightly different. Please check your device’s manual for specific instructions. When setting up the Employee Email account, the email account type will be Microsoft Exchange or Exchange ActiveSync. To set up your email on an Android phone you will need the following information:
  • E-mail address:
  • Username: Your UTPA username.
  • Password: Your UTPA password.
  • Domain: UTPA
  • Server Address:
If your phone does not support Exchange ActiveSync you can use the following information to configure your phone using IMAP:
Secure port: 993
Secure port: 465
Q:How do I find and remove large emails?

The instructions for finding and removing large emails are different based on the Operating System and the version of Outlook client that you are using. Please select the appropriate link below.

Alternately you can watch the video tutorials on removing large attachments for the different email clients.

Instructions on backing up your email can be followed before deleting any emails.
Q:What do I do if I’m experiencing issues with Office 365?
Initial migrations to Office 365 have gone extremely well considering the size and complexity, but a few minor issues have appeared. If you are having any post-migration issues, check the questions below. If you find your particular issue is not addressed, contact the IT Help Desk at 956-665-2020 or at (

  1. My desktop client or mobile device is unable to retrieve email. How can I fix this?
    Please follow the instructions on reconfiguring your mail client for your specific email client. If this does not help resolve your issue please call the IT Helpdesk at 956-665-2020.
  2. Since the migration, I have come across addresses that do not work (undeliverable email). I have noticed that if I use the recipient's name from the "To" line (autocomplete), I will get that error, but if I search for the recipient’s name in the email directory and use it, then it works fine.
    Items stored in the cache of your copy of Microsoft Outlook may not work correctly with the new server. To correct this, open Outlook using your new profile (the one pointing to Office 365) and do the following:
    • Go to File > Options
    • Select Mail
    • Scroll down and click "Empty Auto-Complete list"
    This will remove all the "remembered" e-mail addresses that now have an invalid path.
  3. I am trying to update a distribution list and get the get the following error "You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object."
    This is a transitional problem caused by having some members of the distribution list on one server and some on the other. Contact the Access Administration Office at Ext. 7174 or email at to have our systems group update the distribution list for you.
  4. When viewing a message in webmail, I get the following error: "This message has a digital signature. The digital signature couldn't be validated because the S/MIME control isn't available." What does this mean?
    There is an issue resolving some security certificates in Office 365 web mail. This does not affect the message itself, which is still readable, but makes it impossible to verify the sender of the message. At this time we are recommending that people do not reinstall their security certificates until after they have been successfully migrated to Office 365.
  5. When I log in to the myUTPA portal, why do I see an error message on the Outlook tab that says "Outlook preview is temporarily unavailable?"
    In under Email Preview, you will see the new Office 365 tab and the old Outlook tab. If you click on the Outlook tab, you will see the error message “Outlook preview is temporarily unavailable.” This is because the Office 365 campus migration to the Cloud is currently in progress and there are two email systems concurrently active -- the one on-premises and the one in the Cloud. Once the migration to Office 365 is completed, the Outlook tab will be removed.
  6. I am using Outlook 2011 for the Mac and can't access the contacts stored on the server.
    Unfortunately, the current version of Outlook for the Mac lacks this functionality. Until it can be fixed, you may want to move these contacts to your Mac's Address Book application and use Apple's iCloud service to sync them across your devices.
  7. What do "Free" and "Busy" mean in the calendar?
    Terms used to indicate a person’s availability.
  8. How can I change my password for Office 365?
    You can change your password by going to
  9. How do I change the time zone in OneDrive for Business?
    On the Top Menu Bar, click on the wrench, and select Site Settings. Under Site Administrations, click on Regional Settings. Change the Time Zone to (UTC–0:600) Central Time (US and Canada), and click OK.
Q:What changes should I expect with Office 365?
  1. What is Office 365?
    A cloud-based version of Microsoft Office, the familiar collaboration and communication applications and services that include: Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive for Business, Lync, and SharePoint. Office 365 is a full-featured email system that offers some great capabilities like integrated calendaring, web access, mobile device access support, and an increase in mailbox size from 5GB to 50GB. Office 365 is designed to allow its users the flexibility of working from virtually anywhere they have Internet access and through multiple devices.
  2. What are the limits of the new system? Can they be changed?
    Here are the new limits under Office 365. They are set by Microsoft and cannot be changed.
    • Quota: 50GB
    • Maximum size of attachment sent/receive: 25MB
    • Maximum number of recipients per message: 500
    • Maximum number of recipients per day: 10,000
    These limits are very high, but in a few rare cases, you may encounter exceed one or more, especially if you frequently send emails to a large number of recipients. Please note: If you reach 10,000 recipients in a day, your email will be locked for 24 hours by Microsoft and the UTPA IT Help Desk will not be able to unlock it.

    If you send a large number of emails, you can request an email distribution list, which allows you to send out multiple emails to a list of addresses from a single email address. Sending an email to the distribution list will cause it to be sent to everyone you have added to that list.

    If you need more information regarding alternative methods of sharing large files or sending large numbers of email messages, please contact the IT Help Desk.
  3. Is 50GB bigger than my current email quota?
    Yes! Faculty and staff usually have about 5GB of email storage. This will give them up to 10 times more storage space.
  4. Will my email address change?
    No, you will keep your existing email address and username.
  5. Will my password change?
  6. How do I log in to Office 365 using a web browser?
    If you check your email using Outlook Web App (OWA), the web address has changed from to Enter your UTPA username and password then click the Sign-On button.
  7. Do I need to upgrade my browser?
    Windows users should upgrade to at least Internet Explorer 9. Most modern browsers will work fine for Outlook Web App (OWA).
  8. Do I need a new email client?
    Possibly. If you use Outlook, you must be using Outlook 2010 or 2013 (Windows) or Outlook 2011 (Mac). Older versions will not work. If you use Mac Mail, versions for Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion will work, but may require some reconfiguration. Please call the IT Help Desk at (956) 665-2020 for assistance.
  9. Will mailbox and calendar sharing permissions (delegates) be migrated or will they have to be set-up again?
    Delegate permissions will migrate, but will require that users with delegation be migrated together.
  10. I check my mail using my Apple iPhone/iPad mobile device. Will that work with Office 365?
    Yes. However, you will have to reconfigure your native iOS mail app.
  11. I check my mail using my Google Android mobile device. Will that work with Office 365?
    Yes. However, you will have to reconfigure your native Android mail app.
  12. I check my mail using my Windows Mobile device. Will that work with Office 365?
    Yes. However, you will have to reconfigure your native Windows Mobile mail app.
  13. I check my mail using a web browser. What will change for me?
    If you check your email using a web browser, [i.e., Outlook Web App (OWA)], your web address changed from to Enter your UTPA username and password then click the Sign-On button.
  14. Can I move my existing mail to the new server?
    All your mail currently on the existing servers should be migrated for you (though it's always a good idea to back up anything vital).
  15. Will all my contacts, notes, etc., be transferred?
    If they are stored on the server, they will be transferred along with your mail.
  16. Will I be able to share my calendar with a Mac user?
    Yes, you will be able to share calendars between Mac and PC users.
  17. Will the connection between my computer and the Cloud server be secure?
    Yes. The email connection types (Exchange, IMAP, and SMTP) all support SSL encryption to secure your connection, and the web mail client uses https to secure your connection.
  18. Will my username and password be handled securely in the Cloud?
    Yes. Your username and password are encrypted for security.
  19. Will my data be handled securely in the Cloud?
    Office 365 mitigates against the risk of unauthorized physical access with extensive protections in their datacenters and operational procedures. Additionally, data from UTPA is housed only on servers located within the United States.
  20. What operating systems are supported?
    Both Windows and Mac are supported, but make sure your system is up to date. You should be running Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, and Mac OS X 10.5.8, 10.6.8, or 10.7.3 for Macs. You can get more information on Office 365 system requirements on the Microsoft website.
  21. What about my archived mail / PST files?
    If you currently use PST files (Outlook archive files) they will continue to work as before, stored on your local PC, or you may choose to upload them to the server where you can access them from anywhere. In the same way, mail stored on your local Mac or PC in standard mailbox (mbox) files can be used as is or uploaded to the new server. Please call the IT Help Desk at (956) 665-2020 for assistance in handling PST files.
Q:How do I manage spam/junk e-mail in my desktop e-mail client like Outlook?
You can use the below Anti spam features guides to help manage Spam/Junk mail in your desktop e-mail client.
Q:What kinds of pictures can I post as my profile photo?
Below are the requirements for appropriate profile photos on Microsoft Lync:

Pictures should be:
  • A clear, recent picture of you, as you actually appear
  • Professional in appearance

Pictures should not be:
  • University seal or trademarks
  • Logos, copyrighted images
  • Avatars
  • Heroes, celebrities, etc. unless that’s you

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