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Bronc Notes is a service for posting official University news and announcements. To post a bulletin on Bronc Notes, you must be a University employee or an officer of an official University group. The submissions are approved by designated approvers in each Division. A consolidated email of all the announcements posted on a particular day is sent out daily to the students, faculty and staff mailing lists.


  • The criteria for the kind of postings allowed in Bronc Notes can be found at
  • Send out timely information by email to the various constituencies of the University (students, faculty and staff).
  • The latest bulletins are also available on the Bronc Notes website at
  • Disseminate information about events, news and announcements to the university-at-large.
  • Target your message to individual audiences to provide relevant announcements.
  • Bulletins can be categorized in one of several categories.
  • Divisional representatives approve bulletins for their respective Divisions. A list of these approvers can be found at

Hours of Availability

The service is available 24 x 7 x 365, except during planned maintenance and upgrades.


All full time employees can go to click on the Login button and use their UTPA credentials to login and post a bulletin. If you are unable to login please contact the helpdesk at 956-665-2020. For all other issues email


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Related Help

Q:Can I be removed from receiving Bronc Notes?
No, you cannot be removed if you are a current faculty/ staff member or student.
Q:What is Bronc Notes?
Bronc Notes is an email digest service that consolidates announcements from across campus and sends a morning email with the relevant information to the appropriate audiences.
Q:I can't log into Bronc Notes, what can I do?
You must be a Full-Time eployee to log in to Bronc Notes. If you are not able to log in, please contcat the Help Desk at 956-665-2020.
Q:Can I change the email where Bronc Notes are sent to?
You cannot changed the address where Bronc Notes are sent. Students, Faculty and Staff can only receive Bronc Notes on their UTPA assigned e-mail.
Q:How do I sign up to receive Bronc Notes?

All currently enrolled students, and active employees should receive Bronc Notes to their e-mail accounts. There is no need to sign up. If you are not receiving Bronc Notes, please send an email message with your information to

Q:I am a student. Can I post Bronc Notes?
As a student you cannot post anything to Bronc Notes. However, a student organization has the ability to post to Bronc Notes. To post a bulletin on behalf of an organization, please contact Rebecca Gadson at the Dean of Studens Office ext. 2660

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