Bronc Alert


Bronc Alert is comprised of three warning methods.

  1. Outdoor warning system
  2. Indoor warning system
  3. An emergency messaging system

The outdoor warning system is designed to warn people inside the buildings. It consists of a siren system located outdoors. The siren system would indicate to the campus community to check their designated emergency devices for more specific information about an emergency. 
The indoor system sends messages to the classroom and hallway monitors located throughout the University.

The emergency messaging system sends an alert to one or more of the devices listed below.

  1. Email account listed in the Student Information System and/or Financials/Human Resources system will be sent an email message with the alert.
  2. Phone number listed in the Student Information System and/or Financials/Human Resources system will be sent a voice alert.
  3. Cell Phone listed in the Student Information System and/or Financials/Human Resources system will be sent a text message with the alert.

The system(s) are designed to operate simultaneously and overlap to provide maximum coverage to the UTPA community in the event of an impending disaster or to announce University closings due to emergencies.


The Bronc Alert alerting system enables campus authorities to notify the UTPA community (faculty, staff and students) in the event of an immediate threat to campus health and safety.

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Staff and Faculty

  1. Go to the UTPA Employee Service option in Oracle.
  2. Log in using the University issued username and password.
  3. Click on the option labeled “UTPA Employee Self Service”.
  4. Under the group of options labeled “Update Functions”, select the option labeled “Personal Information”.
  5. Within the box labeled “Phone Numbers”, click on the button labeled “Update”.
  6. Below the list of phone numbers, click on the button labeled “Add Another Row”.
  7. A new line with a blank phone number will appear on the list. In the column labeled “Type”, click on the dropdown arrow and select the type labeled “Mobile”.
  8. In the column labeled “Number”, enter the full phone number, including area code.
  9. On the right on the screen, click the button labeled “Next”.
  10. The list of all phone numbers will display. On the right of the screen, click on the button labeled “Submit”.
    NOTE: Please note that your cell phone must be added as a Mobile Phone in order to get notifications.


  1. Go to the University portal web site at
  2. Log in using University the issued username and password.
  3. Select the tab labeled “Personal Information”.
  4. From the list, select the option labeled “Update Addresses and Phones”.
  5. Select one of the address types listed as “Current” by clicking on the word “Current”.
    *If you do not have an address on file, you will need to insert one. To do so, select an address type from the drop-down menu.
    *If inserting a new address, make sure to enter the address before proceeding to the phone number section.
  6. The phone number section is located on the bottom section. Scroll down past the address section. Under the column labeled “Phone Type”, click on the drop down arrow on the first option labeled “Select”.
  7. Select “Cell Phone” from the list.
  8. Enter the area code in the box under the column labeled “Area Code”.
  9. Enter the 7-digit phone number in the box under column labeled “Phone Number”.
  10. At the bottom of the screen, press the submit button.

*If you have entered a cell number previously, but it is not classified as Cell Phone, you will need to delete that entry and create a new record below it.


Bronc Alert is free to you. However, some cell phone carriers do charge for text message delivery. Check with your cell phone carrier to be sure. We apologize for the extra charges, however, we think that the charge for the text message is small considering the importance of the information that will be relayed.


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