Media Library Service


The IT Media Library provides secure conditioned storage services appropriate for the preservation of magnetic and optical backup media. The facilities are the same as those used by the University Data Center for the storage of the campus mission critical information system backup media. Inventory and records are maintained for all items entering and leaving the facility.


Storage of backup media for computer resident data is generally stored in a location remote from the primary copy of the data files on hard drives to assure the backup media survives a disaster event that destroys the primary copy. This enables the backup to be present for use in restoring the system to operational status. Magnetic and optical media requires continuously clean, cool, and dry, conditions to remain readable over time. The facilities are conditioned 24x7 and securely locked at all times with access restricted to the Media Library staff.

Hours of Availability

Service is available 8 am -5 pm, weekdays. Hours can be extended by prior arrangement during hurricane preparation.


Customers can deliver/pickup media at the NCC Building Distribution Window during office hours. For pickup of items in long term storage call the day before the media is needed.

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