Video Production or Digital Media Service


Assist faculty and staff in the production of customized digital video and media materials which support teaching, learning, research and the administrative functions of the University. In addition, the video production services unit provides scripting; shooting; editing; media duplication and media distribution of video programs used for special presentations, broadcast television commercials, and/or web-based video programming.


Video Production/Digital Media Services utilizes broadcast quality production equipment to produce visual programming which documents and promotes departments, services and events on the UTPA campus.

Hours of Availability

Service is available during normal University business Hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm / Monday - Friday. Video Production Services can be available beyond normal business hours for some limited after-hours events on case by case basis and with adequate lead-time to ensure staff availability.


This service may be requested by filling out the Video Production Request Form and emailing it to For DVD duplication requests, fill out the DVD Duplication Request Form and email it to


Video Production/Digital Media Services assesses a charge for materials provided to the customer and in some cases for labor if event requires after-hours support staff or if the service is provided to a grant-funded or AES departments. Charges to all departments include consumable materials such as video tapes and DVD media, professional announcer voiceovers (external to the University) and labor at $25/hr per technician rate.


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