Change Management

The Change Management Committee (CMC) reviews and acts on all changes to information resources and escalates appropriate changes to Information Technology Planning Council (ITPC) for further consideration.


The purpose of the Change Management Committee (CMC) is to ensure that changes to information resources occur in a rational and predictable manner. To accomplish this, the CMC will ensure adherence to UTS165 and the Change Management Standard and Procedures by promoting the Change Management Request Process, reviewing appropriate change requests, performing impact analysis of proposed changes, reaching consensus decision, and communicating to the individuals requesting the change. The committee will also work to review policies and procedures associated with change requests.

The CMC determines whether or not changes should be implemented. In addition, CMC may determine that certain aspects of the proposed plan be modified before the change is implemented.


The CMC will initially review all changes and determine the type of changes that can remain at the Change Manager level. Changes that are escalated by CMC will be recommended for consideration by ITPC. The CMC will also review emergency changes that have been implemented between meeting cycles.

Changes requiring immediate action must be approved by the CIO in consultation with the CMC. Documentation of said change will be presented at the next CM Meeting for minor changes or ITPC meeting for major changes.


The CMC will be comprised of three Co-Chairpersons, IT Directors responsible for managing the IT resource, one representative from each division, a representative from Faculty Senate, and a representative from Staff Senate.

Appointment requires nomination from the divisional vice president and approval by the Chief Information Officer.

Change Management Committee membership

Appointed by Position

Co-chair, Esther Dominguez Project Management Office
Co-chair: Frank Zecca Executive Director of IT Services
Omar Cantu Director of IT Support Services
Jose F. Hinojosa Director of Computer Center
Isabel Infante Director of Information Systems Development
Janie Palacios Director of Enterprise Application and Computing Services
Kumar Raman Director of Internet Services
Jesus Rios Director of Network Services
Mauro Scardigno Director of Data & Network Security

Appointed by Division

Rudy Ybanez Student Affairs
Edgar Gonzalez Academic Affairs
Beverly Jones Business Affairs
Carlos Alanis University Advancement
Marcelo Paredes President's Division
Sonia del Angel Senator Professional Job Class - Staff Senate
Vacant Pending Appointment Faculty Senate

Non-Voting Members

Cathy Vale PMO Support
Erika Benitez PMO Support

Meetings will be held on a weekly basis or as needed basis.


The Change Management Committee reports to the Chief Information Officer.

Change Management Committee Activities

The CMC will:

  • actively participate in scheduled meetings;
  • review and consider proposed changes and recommendations for information technology changes;
  • prioritize change requests;
  • approve, disapprove, or defer change requests; and
  • follow the procedures set forth in the Change Management Standard and Procedures document.

The CMC co-chairs will, additionally:
  • establish meeting agenda items and set meeting priorities;
  • distribute CMC minutes; and
  • maintain a list of the Change Managers and their areas of responsibility.


Approval for Change Requests will be based upon a quorum of 50% of the IT membership 50% of the divisional membership. Delegates sent by members unable to attend will carry same voting rights as members. The minutes of CMC meetings will serve as documentation for the outcome of all changes.

Meeting minutes will be recorded and posted on the IT Website. In addition, status of CRs will be updated in the change request log.

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