Standard Operating Procedure

Media Library Services


This process extends the Data Center’s Media Library services to campus departments, faculty and staff needing off-site storage of computer backup, and copies of data media.


The primary mission of the Media Library is to manage and cycle the digital media used in the daily/weekly/monthly backups of the university’s email, information systems, databases, and electronic storage resident data. The Media Library facilities are environmentally controlled to fit the requirements of temperature and humidity sensitive media. The facilities are protected by fire suppression and security systems. The Media Library has a facility on-campus in the New Computer Center building and another off-campus facility in the Haggar building Records Center. Campus offices, faculty, and staff may store backup and data media in the Media Library.


  1. Media should be clearly labeled for date, ownership, campus department, office, faculty or staff names, and the phone number(s) and email address(es) of the person(s) in the data ownership role.
  1. Media should be provided in protective containers such as sturdy envelopes or boxes, CD cases, self contained tape cartridges, etc.
  1. Data and information contained on the media must be used in service to the missions of the university, i.e. not personal or non-university related. 


"Media Librarian:  Primary person in charge of the Media Library, the Librarian manages and maintains the Media Library and supervises others working in the area.

Distribution Window Staff:  Under supervision of the Librarian follows process to check media into and out of the Library.

Data Owner   Controls access to the information under his/her responsibility. Classifies Digital Data based on Data sensitivity and risk.  Backs up data under his/her responsibility in accordance with risk management decisions and secures back up media."


  1. Media to be placed in the Library is delivered to the Distribution Window in the New Computer Center building lobby by a department, office, faculty or staff member.
  2. The Distribution Window Staff are prepared to receive Media any time from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M Monday through Friday. 
  3. Distribution Window staff reviews the package for appropriate and complete information and acceptable condition and provides information about the service.
  4. A Media Library Information form is completed and signed by the person delivering the media.  The form bearing the media library number serves as a record for the Media Library and a receipt for the data owner.
  5. The Media is logged, numbered, and placed in the NCC Vault the same day it is received and may be moved to the Off-Campus facility if long term storage is anticipated.
  6. When media is to be retrieved from the Library, a phone call to the Distribution desk should be made the day before, so that media in long term storage can be retrieved and waiting for pick-up.  Call 316-7174.  Data Owner authorization is required for retrieval of the media.  In most circumstances the person who delivered the media may retrieve it with presentation of a UTPA or other picture ID.


UTS165  Information Resources Use and Security Policy

  • Section 5 Backup Recovery of Network Servers and Data
  • Section 11 Management of Sensitive Digital Data

Title 1 Texas Administrative Code, Part 10, Chapter 202 C  §202.74

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