Standard Operating Procedure

Video Production Services


The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure is to provide information about Video Services and to provide procedures for patrons requesting services from this Unit.

The UTPA video services team is dedicated to delivering the high-quality, professional-level productions often found in larger production houses, while providing the focus and attention to our clients that is expected from a dedicated production facility. Consistently striving to not just meet, but surpass the goals of our productions and the expectations of our clients. Our award-winning production team delivers a wide range of engaging video deliverables to clients from all sectors of the UTPA community.


The Technology Services Video Production unit provides video production services to university departments. The types of videos produced ranges from informational programming focusing on student events on campus, to 30-second broadcast TV commercials which communicate a message to the student population and/or promotes upcoming university events.


To request services from the Video Services Department, requester must be a faculty member or staff member currently employed by the university. The service requested must be related to the mission of the department which is to support faculty, staff and students who use video technology on campus. It is required that requests be submitted to Video Services Department at least two weeks prior to the date of the event.


It is the responsibility of the requester to follow the procedures listed below.


  • Please fill out the Video Production Request Form
  • Provide the designated university account information. Video Services will verify the availability of funds before any project commences production.
  • All software item costs, such as tape stock, Media storage are the responsibility of the requester.
  • An itemized breakdown sheet detailing specific hours worked and supplies used will be given to the requester for final payment.
  • All footage acquired by Video Services is archived, designated as stock-footage and is the property of Video Services.
  • Video Services reserves the right to use footage from any production for current or future projects so long as its use does not compromise the integrity of the original project.


Log onto our Video Services Web Site for more details and a list of charges which are billed according to services rendered (rate sheet).


Copyrighted Videos - Video Services has the ability to duplicate instructional video materials for faculty and staff. However, duplication of copyrighted material cannot be done without expressed written permission from the copyright owner.

Inter Departmental Transfer (IDT) - Transaction done in Oracle Enterprise System whereby funds are transferred from a department who received services to a department who provided services.

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