Standard Operating Procedure

Classroom Support


The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure is to provide information about Video Services Department’s Classroom Technology Support Unit and to provide procedures for patrons requesting services from this Unit.


The Classroom Technology Support Unit of the Department of Video Services provides technical support in the maintenance and repair of media equipped classrooms on campus. Additionally, this unit provides repair services for audio/visual equipment on campus. This AV repair service is provided for a fee that consists of labor charges and parts and billable via the UTPA IDT process.


The Classroom Technology Support Unit is limited to maintaining and repairing electronic equipment that is property of the University.


Should you have a need for technical assistance in a multimedia classroom or need audio/visual repair services, call the helpdesk at 381-2020 or send an email


To utilize a media equipped classroom, schedule classroom space through the Resource-25 space reservation system. Contact Video Services Department for customized user training on the equipment in the particular classroom or conference room being used. Click on the room number and the operating instructions will be displayed. Log onto the Video Services web site and view the tutorial video which provides a step by step explanation on how to utilize the media system in each of the classrooms on campus.


Log onto our Video Services Web Site for more details and a list of media equipped classrooms on campus.  You can also download the instruction sheet for every classroom that is equipped with a media presentation system.


Touch-Screen Control Panel – The unit which is used to turn on the classroom media presentation systems and switch between sources. This unit also controls various functions such as volume, mute, and tape transport functions. Media Equipped Classroom – Classrooms which contain an integrated control system, an LCD projector, an audio system, a DVD player, a document camera and a networked computer. Resource-25– The Space Reservation System used by UTPA to schedule classes and events in meeting spaces all over campus. To contact them or to locate the rooms that are available for reservations, log

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